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RE: Thank You TORI!!!
Hello 2012, Kinetic. This is 2014 Kinetic. I reopened this because I have so much to tell you. To tell you this, I had to read the very first post I wrote 12 years ago.

This whole week blows goats! I have tons of shit to do. I did my speech yesterday. I nearly did not do it at all bc of the paper jam in the printer. I had to run around the damn campus to print this thing. I got to class 1/2 hour late. :-( Well I did the speech, choked a bit but they got the idea.

Yeah!? This week blew more goats. I work for a job I hate because I let my degree (and my second one lay wayside). My new coworker couldn't work because she has something else to do. So I came in on my day off the other day. I am run down, sick, and I feel like a pawn. Any job will do that. I've been at so many. Plus, I had to get my lady to her appointments and pay bills. Trust me, I miss college soooo much.

It was a speeh on the RAVE Act, and why it is wrong. I got a good amount of supporters bc of that. YAY!

SPOILER ALERT!!! The guy who introduced the bill is now the Vice President of the USA. I also live in the town he is from. I will let that swim in your head. Also, E is now Molly. Don't ask.

Well... I slept in my next class cu I gto NOOO sleep the night before/morning (I slept at 7AM). Well I then had to run and get my shit and go eat and go to band for 6. I was there preparing fro a concert on Thursday. EWW.

I miss sleep...

After 2 1/2 I was going crazy. We finally got done. After that I had Drama Rehersal for a play I'm doing Next weekend. I was stressed, the messing up, trying to do a good job, and being at the butt of ridicule. Then after that.. I get yelled at by one of the Student Directors. I'm getting FUCKING Tired of Drama Society.. but I stick it out. They need their "Drug Pusher." I don't get this shit... I do not fit the profile for that shit. I don't feel the bloody character.

Deal with it!!! You will spend the next 12 years being that same butt of ridicule by your family, some of your friends, co-workers, etc. I have trouble with it til this day, it will mess you up to the point you will need therapy. Also, I miss acting, I should go back into it.

Well I got home stressully at 11:30 PM.. and here we go again!! Solo (my roomate) had his new squeeze over. YAY!

I am friends with him on FB. The smoke cleared after all the B.S. They are married now, and I think they are going for kid # 2. So, HERE IS A NEWS FLASH!!! I got home stressfully at 7:30 earlier this evening. The roommate is a girl I have been with on and off for 10 years. We met at Otakon, and have been in each other's lives since. I take care of her, and it is work, but I do it. I also keep house as well. It never ends, but I do know that a glass or two of wine, TV, and talking about my day with the lady is amazing. Honestly though, you are still in college, live it up some more, and then do it afterwards. Which you did. You met the girl, you broke up, went to Boston, built a name when the time was right you ventured out. It did not work well and you lost your way. I lost my way. But, reading this makes me realize that my problems haven't even begun. Like I said, deal with it. Tomorrow is a new day.

Well sick, stresssed and Upset. I took out my Tori CDs and I started ti listen to them and I felt calm, srene and I felt better. It is now 3:20 AM. I am going to go to bed. Vinicci Maei.

I should do that and hopefully fall asleep. The lady is asleep right now. It's 1:01 AM. Also... I really should have proofread this back then.

I haven't said this in years so... Vinicci Maei. :-D

P.S. My roomie and his girl are still awake.

P.S. I am awake and my girl is asleep... GO TO BED!!! I should too.


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